NewsWorldUK Christian Group Slams Offensive Christmas Cards

UK Christian Group Slams Offensive Christmas Cards


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A Christian group in the UK criticized a new range of Christmas cards as “deeply offensive.”

Christian Action Research and Education (CARE) took notice of Love Layla’s holiday cards which the Yorkshire-based gift company claimed to be “humorous and edgy”, but are disrespectful of the Christian faith, reports The Independent.

A lot of Christians will be deeply offended by this sort of thing. It highlights a fundamental hypocrisy that Christianity is seen as fair game to mock, disparage and insult. —James Mildred, communication Manager of Christian Action Research and Education

One of the cards that bothered the Christian community was the one that showed a drawing of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus with the caption, “Mary just needs to admit she slept with someone else.” Christians slammed the “C’mon Mary” card and asked for its recall from the market.

There’s also a ‘scratch’ greeting card with the question ‘Who did Mary really sleep with?’ and answers are concealed in three foil panels, reports Examiner Live.

The other cards have the wordings: “Jesus was born to save t***s like you” and “I am sorry that your December birthday is overshadowed by a bloke that wore socks with sandals.”

James Mildred, communication Manager of CARE, said, “A lot of Christians will be deeply offended by this sort of thing. It highlights a fundamental hypocrisy that Christianity is seen as fair game to mock, disparage and insult.”

Stacey Dennis, founder of Love Layla, defended the company’s Christmas cards, saying they just wanted to give it a “playful edge.”

“Christmas isn’t just about religion it’s also about having fun and enjoying ourselves,” she commented. “We’re just trying to be original and funny by catering for all different types of humor, we don’t set out to deliberately upset anyone.”

Mildred is disheartened at how other people make fun of Christianity. “Sadly, this happens every Christmas, which is such an important time in the Christian calendar. It is just another sad example of the kind of under-the-radar discrimination Christians around Europe are currently facing.”

Joyce Dimaculangan
Joyce Dimaculangan
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